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Taking pre-workout supplements is a great way to boost your performance during your workout (almost as much as EDM). However, most articles you find on the web only explain the most obvious choices when it comes to what you should consume before you work out. “Eat your oatmeal, drink a protein shake” they will say. But gee wiz does anybody out there offer any advice other than what we have been hearing for 30 years?

Fact is, there are plenty of ways to get that monstrous pre-workout energy, not just oatmeal and protein shakes. It’s 2019 people. It’s time to get creative. Time to try out different things.

I have come up with a list of my favorite pre-workout supplements you can try today.

1. Coca-cola and Ground Coffee

This is a weird one, but it works. I have tried this a few times and have gotten mega pumps in the gym, if you can get over the weird taste.  It is pretty much caffeine on top of caffeine, but for some reason, when you mix the carbonation of the Coke with the natural ground coffee, it makes for this huge natural energy boost, in which I cant describe. Go try it for yourself.

2. Cup of Black Coffee

Alright, this one is more normal but if you decide to go with coffee before you workout just drink it black, you pussy. Black coffee is a great way to get caffeine in a natural way.

3. Pre-Workout powder

This is one of the more obvious choices that has been around for years. Most pre-workouts have the same ingredients: Caffeine, creatine, and some sort of blend of vitamins and extracts which pretty much all do the same shit.

However, you can up your pre-workout game in to new ways: Taking it to the dome, and snorting it.

Yes, both of these sound crazy, but if you want crazy results you should give it a try. Taking pre-workout to the dome implies you place the scoop of pre-workout directly into your mouth and wash it down with water. I have done this for 4 or 5 years now and I have never went back to taking it how your supposed to.

Snorting pre-workout, that’s another level. If don’t mind the burn and cotton candy flavoured throat drip, then you should try it. This way it gets into your system the fastest. And any of the powder that is not ingested through your nasal pores, will go to your stomach through your throat.

4. Cup of Fruit Juice

Everybody always mentions you should eat fruit before you workout for the natural sugar energy, but what about fruit juice? Fruit juice is basically concentrated fruit with the same amount or more sugar. And when it comes to pre-workout, sugar is your friend. Try mixing a cup of fruit juice with caffeine for the ultimate pre-workout drink.

5. Normal Pre-Workout Supplements

I have already went over the strange pre-workout supplements I have experimented with over the years, now I want to give you the ones that are a little more normal. You might want to include these into your pre-workout regimen as well.

-BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

-Creatine Powder


-Vitamin B12

All of these are great pre-workout supplements, and are usually found in most pre-workout powders. You can also consume them individually if you like.


If you want the best pre-workout mixture on the planet, you need to combine these ingredients into one, ultimate pre-workout mixture.

Fruit juice for sugar.

Pre-workout powder for caffeine and vitamins.

Creatine powder.

BCAA powder.

Arginine capsules or powder.

Coca-Cola for carbonation.

Combine all of these together and you will get the ultimate pre-workout drink. You will feel a pump that you never have felt before. And to top it off, turn on a BassFit.com playlist or mix, and get in the zone. YOUR TIME IS NOW!





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