The Hayden Gaines HIIT Cardio Blaster | presents to you an awesome HIIT cardio workout created by Hayden Gaines (@gaines.hayden) . HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) has been repetitively proven to be the best way to blast fat off your body. Not only can you complete the routine in a shorter amount of time than long distance cardio, but you also burn several more calories after the workout is over (the after burn effect).

If you want to start getting serious about fat loss, try out Hayden’s workout today – remember, to get the best results you need to be pushing your body at 90-100% level for the entire minute. (see video instructions below if needed)

1 minute of Rogue CrossFit Bike

1 minute of SkiErg Machine

1 minute of rowing machine

1 minute of jump rope


To help you out, here are some playlists and mixes made specifically for cardio workouts:

Video instructions:

Rogue CrossFit Bike

SkiErg Machine

Rowing Machine

Jump Rope

If you want to learn more about Hayden Gaines, visit his Instagram page: @gaines.hayden

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