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This article is the first of many where we are going to review an upcoming lineup and tell you which artists you need to see most. We are not going to waste your time and try to tell you why you should see the headliners (you already know they are good). Instead, we want to tell you which of the smaller artists you should see that you have probably never heard of.

Part of our job at is to scour the deep dark abyss of SoundCloud and Spotify to find the very best EDM, and most of the best music is not mainstream, so unless you also spend hours and hours on SoundCloud, you have probably never heard the best sounds in the industry right now.

So if you’re planning on going to SMF 2019 in Tampa, FL, read this article and listen to some of these newer artists, I promise you will have an even better time there!

  1. Dombresky

Dombresky is a deep house producer that has a unique sound and puts his own spin on things. We have included his music in several of our original deep house workout mixes because there is no other music like his and it really gets you going. If you are going to SMF ’19, Dombresky is one stop that you need to make.

2. Fisher

Fisher is another great upcoming artist that has become huge off his hit single “Losing It”. You’ve probably heard it before, and you can guess his sets are as equally fun as this song. Kind of reminds me of Chris Lake, but with a brand new spin. Fisher is a must see at SMF.

3. Holly

Holly is a new trap artist that you have probably never heard about. But he has recorded some bangers over the past couple of years. His unique style of trap is sure to get the whole crowd going. If your into new style, modern trap, make sure not to miss Holly’s set at SMF.

4. Peakaboo

Peekaboo is already a fairly big name by producing hit tracks with Bassnectar and G-Rex. His hit track, Babatunde, put him smack dab in the middle of the EDM map, and he has taken off since its release. If you haven’t seen one of his shows already, you are in for a treat. If you like weird bass, heavy drops, and mind-blowing production, head over to Peekaboo’s set at SMF. 

5. Walker & Royce

We have bene huge fans of Walker & Royce since their release of Take Me To Your Leader a couple years ago. This house producing duo combines alien like sounds with deep house beats to create music that has simple never been heard before. Make sure to catch Walker & Royce this year at SMF.

6. Blunts & Blondes

If you love dubstep & riddim, then you are going to love you some Blunts & Blondes. One of the hardest sets I’ve ever seen and he is only getting better. He is literally the Riddim prodigy, and has thrown shows that make established riddim artist sound like shit. Blunts & Blondes is a must see.

7. Decadon

Decadon is another dubstep artist that you will want to see at SMF. The past couple of years he has been on fire and has released some of the hardest tracks in the dubstep genre to date. This show is going to be crazy, and if you aren’t there, then you are really missing out.

Sunset Music Festival 2k19 is going to be a crazy time and remember these are only the smaller, upcoming artists which I have talked about. There are so many awesome names this year like Chris Lake, Flux Pavillion, Ganja White Night, Zeds Dead, and lots of others. Just remember to be smart, be safe, and buckle your festival seatbelt – SMF 2k19 is gonna be one helluva ride!

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