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Mason McCullough - Founder & CEO

Wassup BassFit Fam! I created in 2017 out of my passion for all things EDM and Fitness, in hopes of creating a community of people who enjoy listening to EDM while they workout! I have been a Personal Trainer, EDM enthusiast, and all-around fitness expert for over 10 years, and I want to use this awesome community we have built to help millions of people across the globe achieve their fitness goals through the power of EDM! I also write for, one of the most popular EDM news sources in the world.  I hope you enjoy the site, and if you ever have any questions,  email me at [email protected], and I will personally answer them myself. Peace!

Drew Stewart - VP of Marketing

(Eminem voice) Hi, my name is… Drew Stewart. I am a Basshead/Southern Hippie and was brought into this world in Mobile, AL, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi ‘17 (To The TOP!) and now live in Cincinnati, OH. I love to travel the country, especially for festivals and like to listen to anything from string bands to EDM and all in-between. I enjoy being fit and pushing myself to higher levels. Being a part of this website is truly a blessing by bringing all of my favorite things together; Music, Fitness, and Friends. I am glad I am able to spread my passion and motivation to everybody who visits
Instagram: @druchainzzzz

Dana Khalaf - Head of Digital Marketing/Promotions

Hi there! I’m Dana and I joined the BassFit Fam in early 2019. Looking for a way to expand my playlist and my workouts, I luckily stumbled across BassFit’s Facebook page in a Bassnectar group one day. I reached out to BassFit to see how I can be a part of the team and here I am today!

I grew up in Abu Dhabi and moved to East Tennessee for college where I studied marketing and discovered my love for EDM. I now work full time and live in the freezing Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the only way to stay warm is to MOVE! My fitness journey has always been off and on but as of January 2018, I’ve become dedicated to my workouts, and reaching and maintaining my goals.