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Just by working out for over 10 years, I have went through countless phases of music. From my old school Eminem days to my metal and hard rock phases, I have tried it all. However, my longest lasting phase, which I am still in as we speak, is my EDM phase. After discovering EDM around 2012, and going to my first EDC in 2013, I have been in love with the genre. EDM represents our changing world. New ideas, new sounds, people coming together for one purpose. This is the EDM culture we know today.

But there was always one thing I noticed I did not like about listening to my custom playlists at the gym. When I was in the middle of a tough set, one where I really needed the extra motivation and energy from my music, the song I was listening to would end, and there would be a long pause. This pause, between the end of one song and the beginning of another, could last 10-15 seconds, until the next song really got started. I wanted to find a way to eliminate this pause between songs, so if I was in the middle of a grueling superset, my energy and motivation levels would not fall.

I found the solution to my problems a couple years ago, when I discovered the amazing app called Pacemaker. This was before I began making my own mixes, so this app revolutionized the way I listened to music in the gym or while I was running.

Pacemaker is a free app for Iphone and Android, which allows the user to select a playlists from Spotify or from their Apple Music library. The app then automatically re-orders your playlists so that the BPM of each songs closely matches the next song in the queue. It basically creates a mix for you, with no pause or rest between songs.

At first, I was skeptical. How can an Iphone App mix songs together and it actually sound good? When I tried it out, I was blown away. It mixes each song perfectly, 99% of the time. You can upload 100 song playlists, that will turn into 3 or 4 hour long continuous mixes. How awesome is that?

On top of the auto mixer, Pacemaker also allows the user to mix the playlist themselves, giving you the option to press a button to mix in the next song, or to let it play out. The mix is now in your hands.

I wanted to share this app because it is really what inspired me to start making working mixes on my own. If you haven’t checked out my custom workout mixes, the SoundCloud playlist is below. But if you want to make your own mix, with songs that you choose, than I advise you to go download Pacemaker HERE right now, and try it out for yourself. You will absolutely love it.

Below are our best Spotify playlists to help you get started.


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