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Does the type of music/audio you listen to while you workout affect your performance? Science says it does. This is not the mere opinion of Scientists have actually studied this. They concluded that listening to “certain types” of music while you workout, run, jog, cycle, or any other exercise will tremendously improve your performance and results. Here’s why.

In 2007, the use of portable music players was banned from the Marine Corps Marathon. Why? Because people found out that the runners listening to music while they ran outperformed the runners who did not. It gave them focus, distracted them from the pain, and gave them more energy.

In the last 10 years, research on workout music and exercise has increased considerably and scientists are finding out why listening to certain types of music while you workout is very beneficial. Certain types of music (especially EDM) distracts people from the pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and promotes metabolic efficiency.

While listening to EDM you can run farther, bike longer, and swim faster than usual – often without realizing it. Some experts say that music is “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”.

Choosing the Right Workout Music

One important quality of workout music is the tempo. Science has shown that human beings like to synchronize their movements and expressions with music. When you select higher bpm music such as EDM, your heart rate and body movements are faster, stronger, and more intense. Your body is trying to pair its movements (even involuntary movements) with the beat of the music.

Although you may not need to run or move in exact time with your workout music, synchrony may help the body use energy more efficiently. When moving rhythmically to a beat, the body does not have to make many adjustments to coordinated movements as it would without the rhythm.

In a 2012 study by C.J. Bacon of Sheffield Hallam University, cyclers who cycled in time with their music required 7 % less oxygen to do the same work as cyclists who did not synchronize their movements with background music. What is the only type of music with tempo high enough to keep up with cyclists? You guessed it, EDM.

EDM beats your Brain during a workout

Your brain is constantly monitoring your body. If it is not distracted by another stimulus, than it is going to try to get your body to quit so it can protect the body from harm, that is the brains main job.

When the brain is up against high-intensity music (such as EDM), the music can change the way people respond to fatigue. EDM elevates mood and persuades people to ride out waves of exhaustion, rather than giving up.

You’re leaving results on the table

In todays society, there are so many options for everything. The old way of doing things is not going to get you the best results anymore. It is kind of like if you own a business without a single computer. Do you think you are going to compete with others in your industry? You may make a little money, but you are not optimizing your results because you are set in your old ways.  

Same goes with workout music. Even if you love slower, chill music, you can still listen to higher tempo music such as EDM while you workout. Especially if you are serious about seeing results. The fact of the matter is, you are not going to keep up with everyone else if you are listening to the same old workout playlist you did in 8th grade.

This is why was created in 2017. We knew there was a science behind the effects EDM has on your performance and results. We knew from experience, that this “certain type” of music was like a performance-enhancing drug, and it would allow you to push your body past its limits. We knew we had to share these findings with the world and help millions of people reach their fitness goals through the power of EDM.

Below are some of our best EDM workout mixes and playlists. We have types of EDM for everybody, from house to dubstep, and trance to hardstyle. We cover it all!


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