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Starting on your fitness adventure can be very exciting. Those first few days you are pumped to head to the gym or hit the running trails. This excitement last a while, as you begin to push your body and see results. At this point, you have all the momentum, nothing can stop you. You think that there will never be a time where you don’t want to get out of the house and go workout.

But then, life hits.

You start getting more and more busy with every day life things. Maybe its your family, maybe it’s your job or school. Whatever it is, it is going to take up a majority of your time during the day, and your energy along with it.

You go to work for 9 hours, then you have to come home and find the energy to workout or run? But the motivation that you had at the beginning of your fitness journey or at the beginning of a new year for a lot of people, is not there anymore. It has disappeared into thin air. This is the wall that 90% of people in this world hit today and it keeps a lot of them from ever achieving their fitness goals. If you have never had this problem, you can go ahead and get back on your spaceship and head to the planet you’re from, cause you aint human boy!

So how do you stay motivated to work out?

That’s the million-dollar question. The good thing is, at, we have the answers.

There are several ways you can motivate yourself to keep going to the gym, keep running every day, and keep striving to reach your ultimate fitness goals. These are life hacks that are almost guaranteed to work, so if you don’t try at least one of these, you are missing out.

1. Don’t burn yourself out

He burnt out.

A lot of people don’t necessarily enjoy going to the gym everyday and lifting heavy weights or running long distances. We’ve created a culture where these things are not necessary for a happy life. So, when people start on a new fitness regimen or running routine, they say to themselves “Take no days off” or “I’m going all in baby”. Yes, these are great self-motivating statements, but can you maintain this mindset for more than 2 weeks?

Most of us can’t.

The fact of the matter is, if you are doing something everyday that is difficult, in this case its exercise, and that difficult thing is one that you are not enjoying, you are not going to last long at all.

Yes, you need tough workouts every week. No, you are not going to enjoy every second of it. However, you need to take days off and learn when your body is telling you “Its too much”. The hard part about taking days off between your workouts is that if you let these days off add up, you can kill all of your motivation to workout. One way to stop this from happening is to create a weekly workout schedule.

2. Create a schedule

Structure and organization are key parts in making progress towards any goal. There are not many people who can go workout whenever they want, do whatever they want in the gym, with no set structure in place, and still see the progress they want.

Building a reliable structure is key if you want to stay motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. Our recommendation at is to have a tough workout on at least 4 out of the 7 days of the week, and light exercise on the rest of the day. Maye even throw in an HIIT Cardio day as well.

Here is an example of an exercise schedule we use at

MONDAY: Workout Shoulders (favorite body part first, to start the week off right!)

TUESDAY: Workout Legs (Legs on the second day, because it is our least favorite)

WEDNESDAY: HIIT Cardio (It’s a nice break from lifting, but is still a tough workout)

THURSDAY: Workout Back & Triceps (Who doesn’t like a Thursday workout)

FRIDAY: Workout Chest & Biceps (Save the best for last!)

SATURDAY: Walk the dog for 1-2 miles

SUNDAY: Go for a light jog or bicycle ride


You might think that having a routine schedule like this will get very boring, but it actually doesn’t! It allows you to look forward to certain days and also learn which body parts you don’t like to train as much!

Schedule your workout routines around the times that you have the most motivation and the least. On Monday, you should be ready to get the week started after a long weekend, and the best way to start the week off is with your favorite muscle group to workout.

You don’t want to leave your least favorite muscle groups for the end of the week, because as the week goes on, you are likely to lose motivation. The weekend is getting closer and work/school is taking a toll on you. The only way to stay motivated to workout on Friday is to workout your favorite or second favorite muscle group. Then you have something to look forward to in the gym.

But won’t this new routine get boring after a while?

3. Change things up

The great thing about making a fitness schedule is that nothing is set in stone. At, we recommend that you change your schedule up every few weeks, so you don’t get bored with it and you keep your muscles guessing.

You can change up the days that you workout each muscle group, the amount of sets and reps, light weight or heavy weight, sprints or long distance, or many other options.

Try new exercises as well. I started to do kettlebell movements a couple weeks ago and I haven’t looked back yet! The kettlebell movements are something new to my body and can be more fun than your traditional lifts.

Trying new movements is great for your body!

The main point is that if you want to stay motivated to workout during the week, you need to change things up, so you don’t get bored with what you are doing. NEW=EXCITING. EXCITING=MOTIVATION. See my point.

4. Use upcoming events to motivate you

At, we preach that you should focus on changing your lifestyle for the long haul, instead of trying new fancy diets or practically starving yourself for 6-8 weeks. However, when you are running low on motivation, it is super helpful to pick an event in your life in the future and strive to look your best for it.

What you can do it, have a flexible diet and exercise regime up until 4-6 weeks out from this event, and then really bear down and amp up your diet and exercise regime. I know it is against the EDM culture and what we preach at to care what other people think about you, but if there hasn’t been a time where someone else’s opinion hasn’t affected you, stop coming to planet Earth ya alien!

It doesn’t matter what you say, every single person in this world has at least one person that they care about how this person thinks or feels about them. The good thing is, you can harness this power and turn it into a positive!

For example, this girl you have liked for a really long time is going to be at you and your friends annual beach trip. Do you care what she is going to think when you take your shirt off for the first time? Of course you do! The thought of that moment when the shirt comes off in front of her is such a great motivator, even months in advance!

It sounds cheesy but it works! Keeping a thought like this in the back of your head is key to staying motivated to workout. When you are on your way home from a long day at work or school, and you have to make the decision to go workout or not, thinking about this upcoming event and the people you are going to see is going to be the deciding factor in your decision.

5. Go to a gym (or run) where there is a lot of the opposite sex

I know what you’re thinking. My ideas are getting weirder and weirder. But I’m a psychology guy, and I observe what works and what really gets people going. And if there is one thing on this Earth that can motivate a human-being to behave unnaturally it is being around the opposite sex.

When I was in school, this use to be my biggest motivating factor. It’s not a creepy or weird thing, it is just human nature. It is actually the nature of most animals on earth to show-off to win a mate over but let’s not get into that. But it is a valid point. A major driving force in our psyche is our sex-drive. We see a species of the opposite sex (or same sex for some) and their looks or personality is attractive to us. So, we think, “How can we win this mate?”

Since we animals, we behave like animals. To win the mate over, we must be better than the next available option, or have something they don’t have. It sucks to say it, but a lot of life is a competition. If you don’t step up and win the attractive mate, then the next person will.

This is why going to a gym or running in a place where there are a lot of attractive people is such a great motivator for us. “But that is only going to motivate us when we get into the gym, right?” Not necessarily. Here’s why:

Say you go to the gym on Monday and you are working out as usual and an attractive girl walks in. What do you do? You naturally start to workout harder. Not to show off directly for her (unless you’re that dude) but to improve your body so maybe one day you can have that girl or a girl who is just as attractive. You go home and forget about said girl. The next day, when you are deciding whether or not you should go workout, you think about that same girl. “What is she’s there again?”, “What if I don’t go and other girls are there?” These are the thoughts that fly through your head. So, you go workout every day to improve yourself so you can win the attractive mate.

Sexy athletic girl working out in gym. Fitness woman doing exercise. Beautiful butt in legging

If you haven’t had these thoughts, again, your spaceship is waiting for you so you can go home now. It is not weird or creepy to have these thoughts, its human nature. And these thoughts are some of the most motivating thoughts one can have, even if they already have a mate of their own!


Bonus tips are always the best, and in this case, I really did save the best tip for last. If you’ve ever read any of our other articles on, you will know what I am about to say.


The EDM playlists and mixes are not only for during your workout, but also before! Try sitting on the couch and not moving after you put on your favorite EDM playlist or mix, I dare you. It’s hard to do, and I recommend you not fight the urge to move. Go with it instead! Take this motivation all the way TO THE BANK! (or I guess gym in this case). EDM is such a great motivator to exercise I really cannot say it too many times. There are so many days where I just don’t feel like I have the energy to do anything after work but then I turn on my favorite mix and I literally can’t stop moving until it is over. Try it, you will see what I’m talking about.

Listening to EDM is the best motivation to workout

Persistence is all about Motivation

Anything that you want to be persistent at in life, requires full time motivation. When the motivation is gone, your persistence and progress goes out the window. That’s why you need to learn how to keep the motivation flame lit! Use these tactics, observe your body and find out what times your motivation is at its lowest. The fact of the matter is, unless you are a freak of nature with cocaine energy every waking second of the day, you are going to have times of low motivation. It is what you do during these times of low motivation that determines your results in life! So, try some of these tactics and see if they light your motivation torch ablaze!

Here are some of our newest playlists and mixes to get you started:

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