Farrah Frostt drops exciting new video for hit single "Work Hard, Play Harder" | BassFit.com

Farrah Frostt is a kick-ass new artist that really brings her reality to her music, and her new music video says it all. Farrah explains that she wants to set an example for women of today and show that you should be proud of your work. Below is the music video:

Filmed in Coney Island under the direction of Rock Davis, the video features Farrah’s duality in real life as an artist and medical student, alternating between shots of the artist in scrubs and dancing with her friends on the beach.

Says the artist of the video’s concept: “I wanted to stress a happy, healthy balance and also share who I am with the world. I work hard: med school is a demanding commitment. But I have a rule that I have to do something fun at least once a week— go to the beach, out dancing, clubbing, jamming, Netflix, movies, anything that brings me joy. I included educated women throughout the video standing tall and proud of their work. I am a huge proponent of female empowerment. The real stuff. Smart is sexy.”

“Work Hard, Play Harder” is now available on all streaming platforms. The track was produced Zuez” Bobe (Daddy Yankee, JLo, Torey Lanez). The artist is currently promoting a remix contest for the single via Instagram.


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