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All his life, Mason McCullough made it his mission to improve every aspect of his life. This was no different when he started his health and fitness journey in 2009, when he was 15 years old. As his knowledge of health and fitness grew, so did his ambitions to improve his body, and his workouts became more intense, but also more efficient. The only thing that wasn’t efficient, was his workout music.

Mason was tired of listening to same workout playlist day in and day out, but he lived a busy life with sports, school, and other activities filling up his time. It was hard to make time to find quality workout music, so he could switch up his listening routine, and avoid hitting a plateau in his progress.

“The music you listen to while you workout has such an impact on the intensity and efficiency of your movements. Every day I am in the gym, I’ve gotta have music that pushes me to my limits. There must be a better way.”

So Mason set out to solve this huge, overlooked problem in the fitness industry today. In the Summer of 2017, he began making EDM mixes on an Iphone App, and uploading them to SoundCloud. Not knowing what he was doing, those first few mixes were rough, but he knew if at least one person out there in the world liked it, then he had done his job.

He also began working hard to compile his favorite songs into workout playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify. He started organizing his favorite songs into playlists by sub-genre. And over time, his mixes became better and better as he learned from his mistakes and taught himself the concepts of mixing seamlessly.

Today, BassFit.com, has thousands of listeners on SoundCloud and Spotify. It also has a website full of training and nutrition articles written by Mason and his team. But throughout the time that BassFit.com has been around, Mason and his team have never taken their eyes off of the sole purpose of creating BassFit.com.

BassFit.com’s sole mission is to help millions of people all over the world reach their fitness goals by giving them the best Electronic Dance Music to listen to while they workout. Because changing the world does not happen over night, it happens one workout mix at a time.

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