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Save 41% on your weekly food budget and still be able to eat clean and healthy!

1. Look for the on-sale produce

  • Products are still good to eat, however, they are reaching their shelf lives so you need to cook quick!
  • 5% Savings

2. Go for store brands items

  • Great Value, Kroger Brand, etc…
  • 3% savings

3. Write out your grocery list before you go to the store & STICK TO IT!

  • Things that you put in your buggy that aren’t on your list are usually unhealthy and expensive items
  • 5% savings

4. Pack your lunch every day instead of eating out

  • Eating out for lunch is less healthy and cost more
  • 10% savings
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5. Go Bananas (Dirt Monkey style)

  • Bananas are the cheapest fruit, are very nutritious, and also taste good as well!
  • 3% savings

6. Try to fill your grocery cart up with 80% fruits and veggies

  • Hit the fruit and veggie aisle first, so your buddy will be more full and you will be less likely to buy things you don’t need
  • 4% savings

7. Always order water when eating out

  • Skip the sugary soda or sweet tea
  • Save the alcoholic beverages for the weekend or special occasions
  • 3% savings

8. Know that you don’t have to buy “organic” foods to eat healthy

  • People think eating healthy is expensive because they think you HAVE to buy organic labelled foods
  • Organic foods are not very different from regular foods and if you stick to whole fruits, veggies, and produce, you will not need to buy organic foods
  • 3% savings

9. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry! Or high!

  • Everybody has done this, and that’s how most pop tarts end up in your pantry
  • 5% savings

These are BassFit.com’s 9 Best Tips on how to eat healthy on a low budget. If you liked this article, go check out Simple, Inexpensive, Low Carb Meal Plan, you will love it!

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