25 EDM Songs to JumpStart Your Workout Playlist in 2019 | BassFit.com

Trying to find new songs to workout to can take hours of your time. There are so many producers out there today it is hard to find the very best music to add to your workout playlist. And even if you think you have the best music out right now, you probably don’t.

That’s because to really find the best sounds on SoundCloud and Spotify, it takes hours and hours of sifting through noise and mediocre tracks.


BassFit.com was created to help fitness lovers all over the world find the very best music to workout to. We constantly browse the top streaming services, 24/7, to find the best music that is buried deep underneath the mainstream tracks that everybody listens to (and sometimes aren’t that great).

We recently published an article with our partnering site, EDM.com, called 25 EDM Songs to JumpStart Your 2019 Workout Playlist. And if you haven’t read it yet, you are missing out big time.

Since our re-branding in early 2019, we are focused more on the entire landscape of the EDM culture. In the beginning of BassFit.com, we were more focused on heavier bass type music, with some future bass thrown in.

Now we have over 100 sub-genre specific workout playlists and mixes for our audience to listen to. We have expanded our reach and want to help every type of EDM fan out there reach their fitness goals!

So if you’re in need of some new workout music, you’re in the right spot. And don’t forget to check out our new article 25 EDM Songs to Jumpstart Your 2019 Workout Playlist!

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