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Music festivals are the shit. Ok we already know that. But a lot of people don’t prepare well enough for them and when they realize that they didn’t prepare, its too late.

This is why we put together a list of 20 products that are NECESSITIES for your next music festival. No they’re not something you put on your wish list for your grandma to buy you for Christmas, they are things you actually need if you want to LOOK and FEEL badass the entire time you are at the festival.

We have included links to buy each of these things right under the product description to make it easy for you to add to your cart and purchase before your next big festival.

Remember, you only go to festivals a few times a year so why not make each one the most memorable time of your life? These products will help you achieve that goal. Each one will make your time at your next music festival the best time you have ever had in your life!

  1. Venus to Mars Female urination device

Have you ever been in the front row at a festival and had to pee badly but didn’t want to lose your spot? You may have even peed in water bottles or on the ground. But did it ever cross your mind that there must be a better way?

Well now there is folks. You can pee standing up, and anywhere you want, without a single soul knowing that you did with the BRAND NEW Venus to Mars female urination device. You simply place the device under your clothing, and attach the tube when needed. Simple as that.

The device is easy to use and leak proof. The device is small, lightweight, and foldable making it easy to carry around while you travel the festival grounds. It truly is a wonderful invention.

 And hey if you’re a dude and want to try this thing on yourself, there is a chance that it might work. It would be worth a try!


2. GloFX LED Pixel Pro Goggles

Have you ever heard of Rezz? Yes, you noob. But do you want to look like her? Well, her goggles atleast. You can now purchase goggles like hers plus hundreds of other customizable patterns. Don’t be like the everybody else and just get regular festival goggles, GO BIG OR GO HOME! And these things make a big statement… that you’re EDM AS FUCK.


3. Kaleidoscope Rave glasses

If you want to improve your festival experience by wearing some trippy kaleidoscope glasses, then look no further! You are going to want to buy this pair of rave glasses. Only if you like to get trippy though.

I’ve tried on hundreds of trippy glasses at raves and nothing compares to the visuals you get with these babies. Its unreal.


4. Pashmina Scarf

If you don’t already have a pashmina, do you even festival, bro? But forreal, pashminas are the hottest shit right now and you should have your own. At only $15.99, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy one today. Just think how fucking cool you will look with this badass pashmina over your head.

And there are designs for every single kind of person. Check out a few of the designs below:


5. Holographic 2 Piece Rave bikini

These might blind whoever looks at them but damn you’ll look good. You can get your own holographic bikini right now for only $16.95 and free shipping. These are great for super hot outdoor summer festivals. Shit you can even get in the water with it on, crazy.

Reviews say that sizes run small so you might want to consider buying a size larger than you normally do. Or buy both and return one! Up to you!


6. LED Light Up Face Mask

Everybody is wearing masks nowadays at festivals and I guarantee you its not because the dust keeps getting in their mouths. Ok maybe for some festivals (Something Wicked in Houston) but people usually wear these things because they looks badass. And if you don’t look badass at a music festival than why are you even there.

You should one up every body who wears masks and buy your own light up LED face mask. If you thought regular, non-lightup masks looked cool, these things are the absolute shit. And only $15.98. You really need to jump on this train and buy you one of these today my friend.


7. Festival Hydration Backpack

Hydration packs are a festival necessity because without hydration you will simply die. And yes, hundreds of people die at music festivals every year, and a lot of those deaths are from dehydration (and fentanyl).

The good thing is they make these hydration packs cool as hell now, and also in many different sizes, depending on how heavy you want the pack to be.


8. The WineRack 200

Yes, this product takes hiding your alcohol and molly water to a whole new level! Not only can you hide 25 ounces of your favorite liquor, but it will also make your tatas look huge! That’s what I call killing two boobs with one stone. Buy one of these and try it out today, the security guy patting you down will have no clue!

Comes in small, medium, and large sizes for a variety of boob sized ladies.


9. Festival Socks

“Dude, come one, you know your sock game is weak right?” If your friend has ever said this to you then I think its time to make some changes. Either get some new friends or get some new socks. I prefer the latter because we got a deal for you.

These festival socks are literally out of this world. They will up your festival fashion game by 24%, or so I’ve been told.

Just check out some of these styles, and then click on the link to buy!


10. Bio-Degradable Glitter

Ladies, or fellows (if you’re a glitter king) please respect the environment when you decide to get glittery. Thousands of animals die each year from glitter poisoning, and if you don’t buy bio-degradable glitter, you are directly contributing to that.

So my advice for you, get some goddam bio-degradable glitter today, for only $10.99/pound.


11. Mini-Electric Fan

This is also a festival necessity but not on the flashy side! You need functionality over form with this product. I’m talking about a mini-electric fan or a portable fan as some may call it.

Overheating is a huge problem at festivals today, especially during the summer months, and this one product can save lives. And its only $13.99. Why would you not want to save your own life for $13.99? And if you already have one, buy another one. We recommend each person has at least two of these fans in case one dies or breaks.

Fans come in black or pink colors.


12. Leggings/Yoga Pants

Whether youre a guy or a girl, a good pair of festival leggings makes all the difference. If you really want to impress your friends this festival season, you should snag a pair of these festival style leggings.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, so we have included a few of our favorites below.


13. Faux Fur Animal Spirit Hood

I have always wanted one of these things but never got around to buying one. But now that I have the hookup, I’m gonna do it! You should too, because if you don’t have a furry animal spirit hood, you’re not EDM at all. In fact, you are the opposite of EDM. You’re country.

Check out the styles below and if you like it then click the BUY NOW link!


14. LED Rave gloves

If you’re new to EDM, one skill that you might want to try out is light performance. This is where you attach multi-colored lights to your fingers (with gloves) and shove them in somebody’s face.

Ok maybe that’s not the nicest way to put it but these things are hella cool. You’ve probably seen somebody getting a light show before at a festival and seen how mezmorized it can make you. It take you to another world.

If you want to do this to people, you should buy the beginner pair of light gloves today at only $59.99. Watch a bunch of youtube videos after that, and soon you’ll be ready to make someones day.


15. Inflatable lounger

When the concept for the inflatable lounger was introduced a few years ago it was a revolutionary idea. Although, it seemed as if somebody just had the idea to put pool floaties on land and lay on them, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

Anyways, the inflatable lounger is super-handy because it is lightweight, portable, and can pretty much get into any festival (legally). It is easy to blow up, and comfortable to sit in. What more do you want?


16. Light-Up Rave Shoes

We have reached a verdict. Everything at a music festival must light up! Since this is now the age that we live in, you might as well hop on that train.

Light up rave shoes is the perfect way to buy your ticket onto the light up train. But don’t hesitate, this train is leaving at midnight and its never turning back!

Light up rave shoes are perfect for shuffling, headbanging, or just walking around the festival grounds. And you can change the color of the lights with the Bluetooth remote that comes with the shoes!


17. RaveAid

RaveAid is a dietary supplements specifically made for us ravers. It combines 5-HTP & Antioxidants to procude a super formula of anti-comedown inhibotirs. Basically means you should take this shit after a music festival so you don’t want to kill yourself.

This stuff really works! I have used it plenty of times after festivals and I can honestly say I can feel a difference. Ever since I tried it, I haven’t not used it after attending a festival.

Try some today at only $19.95 per bottle!


18. Fanny pack

Woohoo more cool shit to put your other shit in! A fanny pack is a festival necessity, hands down. You have all of these little devices and things you need to ensure you have the best possible time at a music festival, but you need somewhere to put it all.

Since you’re too lazy to carry around a backpack, you need to buy a fanny pack. Fanny packs are functional and nowadays they look super cool. Check out some of the designs above:


19. Walkie Talkies

To be honest, I was going to put portable phone charger as #19 but F that. If you really want to communicate well at a music festival when you have no phone service, you need walkie talkies. They are NOT EXPENSIVE at all! You can get 4 walkie talkies for $37!

These babies work up to 5000 meters in an open field (which most festivals are). That’s over 55 football fields away. No matter where your squad is, you will be able to find them with these. Walkie Talkies are a music festival MUST-HAVE!


20. UV Blacklight Tattoos

These UV Blacklight Tattoos are badass and if don’t have any of your own, what the hell are you waiting for? Ive never seen a cooler product in my life. You will literally be glowing while you travel around the festival grounds.

There are tons of designs to choose from, all for a low price!


So there you have it. 20 MUST-HAVE products for your next music festival. And everything you need to buy each one is right here on this page. No more searching around for the best festival gear. We got you covered.

Music festivals are special times in your life, why would you not want to go ALL out and buy the coolest shit for them? Why leave anything on the table? None of these items are expensive, but they are all cool as shit and worth it.

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