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Keeping your fitness motivation level high is one of the hardest things to do. With all of the other things going on in your life, sometimes you just feel like you don’t have the energy to do anything else during your day.

Every now and then you need a boost of motivation. The best things to do for fitness motivation are go to the beach, watch fitness motivation videos, or read some badass motivational quotes. Since we don’t have a beach here at, we have decided to bring to you our favorite motivational fitness quotes. Enjoy!

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Consistency over intensity. Not all or nothing, its always something. If going too hard in the gym is only allowing you to go 3 days a week, and sit on your ass the rest of the days, then you will never see the results you want to see. It is better to be consistent and improve yourself every day, instead of every other day. Next time you are feeling weak and don’t think you could give it your all in the gym, go anyways. Do something. Something is better than nothing.

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You will never make any changes to your body if you don’t start somewhere. The first step is saying “I WILL” instead of “I WISH”. Action is the only thing that gets results. Wishing will get you nowhere. So stop making excuses and start doing.

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To be able to see results, you must eat a healthier diet and exercise regularly. It is that simple. You can be the gym expert or personal trainer, but if your diet sucks, then you will cancel out all of your work in the gym. So if you don’t eat a healthy diet, you are wasting your time in the gym. Why even go to the gym then? This is not saying you must only eat chicken, rice and veggies for 3 meals a day, just make healthier decisions!

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Making up excuses is our biggest barrier to achieving the results we want. Often times, you get home from work or school, and you are tired, or its raining, or you don’t feel your best. These thoughts really do keep your prisoner. When you hear these thoughts inside your head, DO THE OPPOSITE! Even if your tired, weak, or its raining, go workout. You can be tired on your off days.

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When you are feeling weak or tired, most of the time it is your mind that is actually weak and tired. Your body can actually go further than you think. How do you think people run ultra marathons that are 50+ miles? It is because the are mentally tough. One skill that you need to learn to be successful in anything in life is mental toughness. If you can be mentally tough, you can achieve anything you want.

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This is such a classic quote, and one of my favorites. Eric Thomas tells about a guy who is held underwater by his mentor, not allowing him to breathe. When he lets him up after almost drowing him, he says, “Whats the only thing that you wanted when you were down there?” The guy said “I just wanted to breathe” Once achieving your goal is the only thing on your mind, and you want it so bad you will do anything to get it, then you will be successful.

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Nothing that will change your life in a positive way is going to be easy. All of the challenges you come across are only there to make you stronger. Life doesn’t get easier as you get older, you just get stronger and smarter. If you are not doing difficult things in your life, you are not going to grow.

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Stop waiting for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, there will be another tomorrow and another. Just start today. Procrastination is the worst enemy of progress. You don’t need a grand opening start to everything you do. You should start out small anyways. Run half a mile, then run a mile. Don’t think you have to start out running 5 miles. If you think you need a big start to everything you do in life, YOU WILL NEVER GET STARTED. So start small, and START NOW.

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Have you ever heard someone say this? Plenty of times. I don’t know who made it wrong to be obsessed with something you love. The most successful people in every aspect of life are obsessed with what they are doing. They think about it day and night, and they bring a lot of passion to the table. The people who aren’t obsessed, do things without passion, which eventually leads to failure. Being obsessed isn’t bad.

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This goes back to consistency over intensity. Each time you step in the gym, that is a win. Every time you decide to stay at home, you lose. Even if you don’t think you put in all your effort at the gym, you still made the decision to go, so you won.

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I heard this one from my dad growing up almost every day. I would complain that an activity is too hard, and he would always hit me with this quote. If obtaining a good-looking, healthy body was easy, every single person in the world would have a 6 pack of abs. Its not easy. Don’t blame genetics. Yes some people might have it easier, but don’t base their success off of genetics either. Every body must work at something to become great at it. There’s no way around it. Do the hard things and you will succeed.

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This one of the best quotes I have seen in a while. A lot of people give up too soon. And not just in fitness, but in life. The truth is, the great things in life take time to form. Rome wasn’t built in a day is cliché, but its true. Give it time, don’t give up too early. If you are doing the right things every day, you are going to see results, whether it be in a month or a year. Be patient.

If these quotes don’t get you motivated to reach your fitness goals, I don’t know what to tell you! Just don’t think too much about things and just do!

If you are in need of a little extra motivation, check out some of our best workout playlists and mixes we made for you! Enjoy!

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