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For all of his life, Mason McCullough has made it his mission to improve every single aspect of life when it comes his way. This was no different when he started his health and fitness journey in 2009, when he was 15 years old. As his knowledge of health and fitness grew, so did his ambitions to improve his body, and his workouts became more intense, but also more efficient. The only thing that wasn’t efficient, was his workout music.

Mason was tired of listening to same workout playlist day in and day out, but he lived a busy life with sports, school, and other activities filling up his time. It was hard to make time to find quality workout music, so he could switch up his listening routine, and avoid hitting a plateau in his progress.

“The music you listen to while you workout has such an impact on the intensity and efficiency of your movements. Every day I am in the gym, I’ve gotta have music that pushes me to my limits. There must be a better way.”

So Mason set out to solve this huge, overlooked problem in the fitness industry today. In the Summer of 2017, he began making EDM mixes on an Iphone App, and uploading them to SoundCloud. Not knowing what he was doing, those first few mixes were rough, but he knew if at least one person out there in the world liked it, then he had done his job.

He also began working hard to compile his favorite songs into workout playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify. He started organizing his favorite songs into playlists by sub-genre. And over time, his mixes became better and better as he learned from his mistakes and taught himself the concepts of mixing seamlessly.

Today, BassFit.com, has thousands of listeners on SoundCloud and Spotify. It also has a website full of training and nutrition articles written by Mason and his team. But throughout the time that BassFit.com has been around, Mason and his team have never taken their eyes off of the sole purpose of creating BassFit.com.

BassFit.com’s sole mission is to help millions of people all over the world reach their fitness goals by giving them the best Electronic Dance Music to listen to while they workout. Becuause changing the world does not happen over night, it happens one workout mix at a time.


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Mason McCullough - Founder & CEO

Wassup BassFit Fam! I created BassFit.com in 2017 out of my passion for all things EDM and Fitness, in hopes of creating a community of people who enjoy listening to EDM while they workout! I have been a Personal Trainer, EDM enthusiast, and all-around fitness expert for over 10 years, and I want to use this awesome community we have built to help millions of people across the globe achieve their fitness goals through the power of EDM! I also write for EDM.com, one of the most popular EDM news sources in the world.  I hope you enjoy the site, and if you ever have any questions,  email me at bassfitonline@gmail.com, and I will personally answer them myself. Peace!

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Drew Stewart - VP of Marketing

(Eminem voice) Hi, my name is Drew Stewart. I am a Basshead/Southern Hippie at heart. I was brought into this world in Mobile, AL, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi ‘17 and now live in Cincinnati, OH. I love to travel the country, especially for festivals. I enjoy being fit and pushing myself to higher levels. Being a part of this website is a truly a blessing, and it brings all of my favorite things together. I am glad I am able to spread my passion and motivation to everybody who visits BassFit.com.
Instagram: @druchainzzzz

Instagram: @michellemgrimes

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Romeo - DJ/Producer

Romeo is from Miami, Florida. Born in a city of nightlife, music was always his calling. Romeo started playing Big Room House, inspired by producers such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. He now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where he has transformed his sound to more in the likes of Hybrid Trap and Dubstep. He looks up to whom he calls his Senseis, Foreign Suspects and Skyhye. Ever since he’s been under their wings, he’s learned so much and strives to become the best DJ and Producer in the world one day. Romeo hopes to use his platform not only for the music, but to impact those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicide. Giving them a voice and showing them that anything is possible through music. You can find him on Instagram @romeoofficial_ or on SoundCloud here.

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Michelle Grimes - Fitness Enthusiast/Personal Trainer

Michelle currently lives in Florida and became part of the BassFit family in early 2018.  She has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years and loves High Intensity training. She is a personal trainer, online fitness coach, and an overall expert in the fitness space. She is always putting out dope workout videos and diet plans for her followers. We are glad to have her as a part of the BassFit team!

Instagram: @michellemgrimes

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Sam Landrum - Fitness & EDM Enthusiast/Personal Trainer

Sam Landrum is a life-long fitness and EDM enthusiast from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Sam is a 23 year old personal trainer with an emphasis on weight loss and lean muscle. Sam joined the BassFit team in mid-2018 and we are glad to have him onboard.

Instagram: @sam_landrum_

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Caleb Giachelli - Fitness Enthusiast/Personal Trainer/EDM Lover

Caleb Giachelli joined the BassFit.com team back in 2017 when it first started. He is an avid supporter of all things EDM and Fitness, and loves to keep his body shredded at all times. Caleb hails from Itta Bena, Mississippi, and attends Delta State University. He inspires to bring the best EDM workout music not just to all of Mississippi, but to the rest of the world as well. There is no doubt Caleb is going to change the world, and he wants you to join the BassFit.com revolution so you can help him do it.

Instagram: @caleb_giachelli